About Us

“We are trained to help you with your health – related matters, not to sell you medicine.”

Our staff help patients get their medication day in, day out and are equipped to meet the healthcare needs of the community. It also means that our pharmacist and dispensing is always contactable during operating hours. You may also visit us if you wish to conduct the consultation in-pharmacy or under the supervision of our pharmacist.

Patient Safety

Your safety is our main concern. Our advisers are available for any queries that you might have about the online consultation process and our pharmacists are on hand for any questions you may have relating to the treatment.


Our journey started within community pharmacy, and as such, we understand the importance of providing your community with a safe, trustworthy and reliable service. Now that we offer our service to the entire country, we go to great lengths to ensure that it reflects the service you would receive at one of our pharmacies.


As providers of primary healthcare in the community, we are strongly bound to our profession’s code of ethics. We put patient safety first and will always look to help you first. We are here to provide you with an extension of the care and support you would receive in our community pharmacy, not sell you packs of medication.