Let’s talk about cocaine

Let’s talk about cocaine

We understand that some of our students will choose to use cocaine, despite knowing dangers that go along with it. The Students’ Union at UWE and UWE Bristol hope is that if UWE students do choose to use cocaine, they are given the opportunity to make an informed decision and know how to reduce some of the risks associated with illegal drug taking.

Cocaine is classified as a Stimulant on the Drugs Wheel (Increases energy, alertness and heart-rate).

Cocaine is normally snorted, although it can be absorbed through soft tissue like the gums. Some people will choose to inject cocaine, but it is normally turned into crack before being injected.

People use cocaine to increase confidence and feel more alert, especially when drinking alcohol. Because cocaine increases the electrical activity in the brain and alcohol slows it down, people find cocaine can counteract the effects of alcohol and they feel unable to get drunk when using cocaine.
But all the usual risks of drinking alcohol are still there, impaired decision making and judgement, strain on the liver and dehydration – which will result in an hangover combined with a comedown!

Cocaine releases large dumping of dopamine on the receptors, dopamine is associated with rewards. We get hits of dopamine when we have achieved something – and what our brain hears is “whatever you just did, is a good idea… do more of that” to learn more about how cocaine works on the brain and how addiction can form check out Mouse Party.

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