Buy Xanax 2mg Online (All Colours)



Buy Xanax 2mg Online (All Colours)

The drug Xanax is a brand name for the generic drug alprazolam. Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine used for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. The most popular brand of alprazolam is Xanax, which is made by Pfizer. Xanax comes in a rectangular bar that is 2mg in strength and is white in color. This is what is called the “Xanax bar”.

The bar has three grooves or scores to make it easier for the user to split the bar into four 0.5mg doses. If you only need to take a smaller dose, you can break the Xanax bar into portions, however, there are also users who take the entire bar.

However, Xanax by Pfizer is usually more expensive because of its name. Therefore, many users, particularly recreational users, go for the generic version with the same strength. A generic version of the drug is similar to the brand version but the generic versions usually come in different colors, sizes, and imprints because the generic versions are manufactured by different companies.


Yellow XanaxYellow Xanax refers to a similar rectangular bar produced by pharmaceutical company Actavis Pharma that also delivers 2mg of alprazolam. The yellow bar has three grooves so you can divide it by four easily. The drug comes with an imprint that indicates R 0 3 9 to differentiate the drug from other yellow pills.

Because of its similar look with Xanax except for its color, people refer to this pill as yellow Xanax, which is easier to remember compared to calling it yellow alprazolam. The yellow rectangular look also resembles a school bus which was why the slang name “yellow school bus” was coined.

Other available colors of alprazolam include white oval with strength 0.25 mg, peach round or football-shaped pill with strength 0.5 mg, white five-sided pill with strength 0.5 mg, orange oval with strength 0.5 mg, yellow four-sided pill with strength 1 mg, blue oval with strength 1 mg, blue round with strength 2 mg, white rectangle with strength 2 mg, and green three-sided pill with strength 3 mg.


If you have a legitimate anxiety problem, taking Xanax for a short period of time could potentially help. With millions of people in the United States suffering from anxiety issues, it should be of no surprise that alprazolam is one of the most highly prescribed benzos in the country with over 50 million prescriptions a year. However, it has been found that alprazolam is a highly-addictive drug and it is possible to be addicted to this drug even by just taking it for a short period.

So, can you get addicted to yellow Xanax? Yes, you can get addicted to yellow Xanax bars because they deliver the same effect as white Xanax bars. The only difference is the color.

People who use Xanax recreationally are more at risk especially if they use Xanax bars. This is because recreational users tend to take the whole bar in one go and they do not really subdivide it into smaller doses.

The 2mg Xanax bar is a very heavy dose of alprazolam as it is two to four times the regular dose. The maximum dose a person can take in a day is 4mg of alprazolam so taking an entire Xanax bar can produce heavy sedation immediately for a first time user.

If you take more than one bar of yellow Xanax, this could also increase the risk of Xanax overdose especially if you combine it with other drugs to form a drug cocktail or if you take Xanax and alcohol together.

Because yellow Xanax bars deliver the same dose as the white Xanax bars, this means that the risk of addiction is also very high. If you take very heavy doses of alprazolam, this builds up your tolerance quickly. When this happens, you will need higher doses over time to get the same effect from the drug.

Be cautious about buying yellow Xanax from social media or from anonymous online sites. This is because there are many fake yellow Xanax bars online and a lot of times these bars that are sold very cheaply do not even contain alprazolam. Instead, these drugs are usually cut with a potent and deadly opioid called fentanyl. If you take yellow Xanax laced with fentanyl, this could result in overdose or even death.

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